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Free Enterprise in Three Minutes Podcast

Free Enterprise in Three Minutes is a podcast meant to provide three-minute (give or take a few seconds) answers to important questions about free enterprise, the economy, business and related issues. Ray Keating is an economist, columnist, author and podcaster who cuts through the economic mumbo-jumbo, tosses aside the economic mistakes often made in the media and in political circles, and quickly gets at economic reality. Who says free enterprise and economics have to be mind-numbing? That's not the case with Free Enterprise in Three Minutes with Ray Keating. Tune in at

Guest Speaker or Half and Full-Day Seminars on Understanding the Economy

Ray Keating can address your organization or group as a guest speaker. He also leads half-day (3 hour) and full-day (6 hour) seminars. The topics covered include:   

• understanding how our economy and free enterprise work;   • understanding the role of entrepreneurs, businesses and investors in the economy;   • understanding how U.S. entrepreneurs, businesses and workers fit into the international economy;   • understanding the role of change – invention, innovation, and technological advancement – in the economy and what it means for individuals;   • understanding how and why government impacts free enterprise;   • understanding the current state of the economy.  

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To get more information about Ray Keating speaking at your event or hosting a seminar, call 631-909-1122 or email Also visit us at Facebook at 

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